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IFLOS Summer Academy 2014

The eighth session of the IFLOS Summer Academy on promoting ocean governance and peaceful settlement of disputes will be held July 27-August 22, 2014. The deadline to submit applications is April 30, 2014. The IFLOS Summer Academy general information booklet is available here.

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ICJ: Costa Rica institutes proceedings against Nicaragua

The Republic of Costa Rica yesterday instituted proceedings against the Republic of Nicaragua with regard to a “[d]ispute concerning maritime delimitation in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean”. In its Application, Costa Rica requests the Court  “to determine the complete course of a single maritime boundary between all the maritime areas appertaining, respectively, to Costa Rica and to Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea and in the Pacific Ocean, on the basis of international law”. The Applicant “further requests the Court to determine the precise geographical co-ordinates of the single maritime boundaries in the Caribbean Sea and in the Pacific Ocean”. More information here.

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