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Maritime Boundary Agreement signed (Vanuatu/Solomon Islands)

On the 7th October 2016 Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands concluded 33 years of negotiation by signing a maritime boundary agreement addressing “Temotu Province in Solomon Islands and Torba Province of Vanuatu”. The agreement was signed on Mota Lava Island, Vanuatu (see references ‘Mota Lava Treaty’).

For more information see the press releases by The Solomon Islands Prime Minister’s Press Office and The Pacific Community (SPC). See further the reference to the incorporation of local custom within the delimitation process, here.

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CCAMLR: agreement on Antarctica’s Ross Sea Marine Protected Area

All member states of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) have agreed to a joint USA/New Zealand proposal to establish a 1.55 million km2 area of the Ross Sea with special protection from human activities. This new MPA, to come into force in December 2017, will limit, or entirely prohibit, certain activities in order to meet specific conservation, habitat protection, ecosystem monitoring and fisheries management objectives. More information is available here.

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