Ecuador: Crew of foreign vessel sentenced for possession and transport of protected species within marine reserve

On 13 August 2017 the Chinese Flagged Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999 was boarded by Ecuadorian authorities within the Galapagos Marine Reserve, carrying a reported 300 tons of marine fauna, including hammerhead sharks. On the 27 August 2017 judgement was delivered, sentencing the crew to 1-4 years in prison, a 5.9 million dollar fine, and the confiscation of the vessel for violation of  Article 247 of the Código Orgánico Integral Penal.

For more information see the Ministry of the Environment press release on boarding (here) and sentencing (here).

Dirección de Comunicación Ministerio del Ambiente

Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999: Dirección de Comunicación, Ministerio del Ambiente

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