ITLOS: Judgment in The M/V “Norstar” Case (Panama v. Italy)

On the 10 April 2019, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) delivered its Judgment in The M/V “Norstar” Case (Panama v. Italy). The Tribunal found that Italy had violated UNCLOS, Article 87(1) (by 15 votes to 7), that UNCLOS, Article 87(2) was not applicable to the case (unanimously), and that Italy did not violate UNCLOS, Article 300 (20 votes to 2). ITLOS decided to award Panama compensation (with interest) for the loss of the M/V “Norstar” (15 votes to 7).

For more information, see the Judgement and furthermore the case page for numerous Declarations, Separation Opinions and a Joint Dissenting Opinion. As previously reported, incidental proceedings occurred in respect of Preliminary Objections.

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