Spain: court awards compensation for Prestige damages

The provincial court (Audiencia Provincial) of A Coruña, in Spain, has awarded the Spanish state EUR 1.6 billion in damages over the 2002 Prestige oil spill. The court also said the regional government of Galicia must be compensated EUR 1.8 million; France, which was also affected, will be compensated EUR 61 million. Various private parties were awarded compensation as well. The sum will have to be paid by the captain of the ship and the insurance (The London Steamship Owners Mutual Insurance Association) or by the owners of the ship (Mare Shipping Inc.); the award also mentions the obligation of the IOPC Funds to compensate for damages up to the limits established in the applicable treaty. The text of the award, dated 15 November 2017, may be found here (in Spanish).

Update (21 Nov. 2017): The London P&I Club has reacted to the Prestige judgment, assessing the claims and presenting the next steps ahead. The note may be found here.

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