Call for papers: Special Issue of the WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs

The World Maritime University (WMU)’s Journal of Maritime Affairs is launching a call for papers (CFP) entitled Beyond COVID-19: The Future of Maritime Transport. This special issue will focus on insights on maritime safety and security issues, the socio-economic and political impact of the crisis across the maritime sector, and in general the future of maritime transport beyond COVID-19. It will try to uncover measures and practices adopted as a reaction to the pandemic with a view to examining their success, extract lessons for future scenarios, identify gaps in COVID-19 response, and enhance the resilience of the maritime sector. The CFP adds that a variety of issues and topics can be examined in this special issue from the perspectives of how to restore, enhance and adjust the existing maritime legal framework to the situation created by the pandemic, how political approaches to global trade and business models are evolving in view of the challenges posed by COVID-19, and how UN SDGs can be advanced in this uncertain scenario. The CFP can be found here; the deadline for full paper submission is 30 November 2020.

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