Workshop: PROBLUE Ocean Governance Capacity Building Program

The World Bank’s Blue Economy Program PROBLUE is organizing the Ocean Governance Capacity Building Program. This workshop shall be held online and is tailored for the Pacific Ocean region; similar online courses are being planned for East Africa and West Africa, as well as possibly Latin America and the Caribbean. The objective of the training program is to enhance the capacity of government officials, staff of partner organizations, and other stakeholders on ocean governance by providing training on international law related to oceans and the legal framework for the blue economy, including relevant regional conventions.

This online course provides an introduction to global ocean governance, including a primer on public international law related to the oceans and the international legal framework for the blue economy. It is centered on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and related instruments addressing fisheries, marine pollution, conservation and biodiversity, climate change, maritime transport and shipping, marine scientific research, and activities in the Area, among other topics.

Deadline for submitting applications is 8 March 2021. Further information is available here.

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