Jurisprudence: Vanuatu Ferry Ltd v Republic of Vanuatu 

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Vanuatu decided on 10 December 2021 on the case between Vanuatu Ferry Limited and Republic of Vanuatu (Case No. 20/1901 SC/JUDR).

This was a claim for judicial review in relation to decisions by the Director of the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) and Director of Immigration of Vanuatu to refuse entry into Vanuatu of the claimant’s vessel, the Vanuatu Cargo, a Vanuatu-flagged ship, and its crew. It was held that in the circumstances, the defendant’s refusal to permit food and water to be delivered to the vessel’s crew constituted a breach of its obligations under article 94 of UNCLOS to ensure the safety of crew members at sea and that, accordingly, it was unlawful. The defendant’s decisions also breached article 28 of the IHR.

The full judgment file is available here or here.

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