Calls: NCLOS Conference 2022

The Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea (NCLOS), at the Faculty of Law of UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, has launched a call for papers for its annual Conference, which will be organized in Tromsø, Norway, November 23-24, 2022. NCLOS invites papers addressing the Conference theme “Ocean Space”, broadly constructed. Examples of topics that would fall within the scope of the Conference includes the spatial architecture constructed by the law of the sea; challenges posed by ocean connectivity of currents, species, domains etc.; integrated ocean management; marine spatial planning; protection and preservation of the marine environment in the land-sea interface; limits and possibilities of thinking land and sea together within and beyond the LOSOG framework; effects of emerging issues threatening the marine environment, such as climate change, marine plastic pollution, ocean acidification etc. More information is available here.

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