ITLOS: Request for an Advisory Opinion Submitted by COSIS, Order of 15 February 2023

As previously reported, concerning the Request for an Advisory Opinion submitted by the Commission of Small Island States on Climate Change and International Law (Request for Advisory Opinion submitted to the Tribunal) the President of the ITLOS issued an Order of 16 December 2022 inviting State Parties to UNCLOS, the COSIS and the other organizations listed in an annex to present written statements on the questions submitted to the Tribunal for an advisory opinion. 16 May 2023 was fixed as the time limit within which to present written statements. By Order of 15 February 2023, the President has extended this time-limit to 16 June 2023 within which written statements may be presented to ITLOS. The Order also notes that on 2 February 2023 the President of ITLOS affirmatively decided on a request from the African Union, which has now been invited to submit a written statement in addition to the previously invited organisations.

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