Calls: Brazilian Journal of International Law (Special Issue)

The Brazilian Journal of International Law invites submissions for a special issue on “Oil spill Prevention and Response: national, international and comparative perspectives” to be published in December 2023. In the backdrop of the 2019 Northeast Brazil Oil Spill, this call aims to look into innovative solutions for addressing environmental, social and economic issues caused by accidental oil spills caused by ships from an international, national and comparative perspective. The call is open to papers examining a variety of civil, administrative, criminal and international legal issues regarding oil spills, such as: 1) Prevention and reparation of vessel-source pollution; 2) Safety management of offshore oil and gas operations; 3) Assessing economic loss caused by oil spill disasters; 4) Ecologic compensation in case of oil spill disasters; 5) Area Based Management Tools (including Marine Protected Areas, other effective area-based conservation measures and Marine spatial planning). The deadline for submission is 31 July 2023. More information is available here.

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